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PALEO ART GALLERY. PaleoGallery is a virtual treasure chest for people who celebrate the eternal beauty of the ancient world.

Terry Pfister is a fine-art mosaicist who loves the natural world and is facinated with the use of fossil materials and paleo themes in art. Incorporating ancient shells, marine invertebrates, and dinosaur bone, her art is a joyful tribute to the past and its timeless impact on our lives today. All mosaic art comes with full descriptions and is meant for indoor use only.

Don Meadows is a retired Navy submariner who has become entranced with the art of scrimshaw using fossil mammoth ivory. Featuring ancient mammals, birds, and marine retiles, as well as expertly carved and finished modern-day whales, his art displays his expert craftsmanship and love of nature, both ancient and contemporary. See his carved fossil mammoth pendants in Curios.

Our Community - If you are an artist who shares our passion for ancient-inspired art and would like to make your creations available for purchase through consignment sales on, please contact us

Custom CreationsContact us if you are interested in a custom-designed piece by our artists. We would love to discuss your wish-list and requirements.

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