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Straight Arrow Diplodocus neck vertebraeMEET STRAIGHT ARROW DIPLODOCUS. A single Diplodocus cervical vertebra soon led to a long series of articulated vertebrae up to 20 feet in length. Because these vertebrae formed a perfectly straight line, this Jurassic dinosaur was given the nickname of “Straight Arrow”.

When we were finally able to remove and jacket most of Straight Arrow's neck, all but 3-4 cervical vertebrae nearest the skull were present, complete and articulated. The skull and the near-skull cervicals were not found.

Walking up Diplo tail vertebrae chainThe dorsal vertebra were also articulated and in a straight line into the tail section. At that point, the tail began to curve and appear slightly disorganized. Perhaps 10–15 feet of the distal tail section may be missing.

prepped Diplodocus caudal vertebrae

Available for purchase. The unprepared Diplodocus has been fully excavated, jacketed and put secure storage. It is available for museum or private purchase.

jacketed femurs in storage


Jacketed femurs in storage

Straight Arrow foot bones & claws Excellent quality. Certain bones have been prepped to assess bone quality. The bone appears to be of very good quality and is hard, black, and very dense. It is enclosed in matrix that varies from a moderately hard brown siltstone to a hard, limy, light-colored siltstone and sandstone.

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